Communications Department within the
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

We do research in all areas related to speech technology: speech synthesis and recognition, speech coding, speech pre- and post-processing, emotion recognition from speech, unsupervised speech segmentation and analysis.
Other interests relate to natural language processing and multimedia analysis.

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About us...

We are a team made up of both experienced and young researchers who come together in a friendly academic environment.


We are constantly looking for witty, interested people to join our group. Doctoral Studies, full-time or part-time are offered by our faculty in the domain of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering. Funding can be obtained either from the Ministry of National Education, or from other research projects.

To do a PhD in Speech Processing, get in touch with us!

OPPORTUNITY - Get a Masters Degree!

The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca has several Masters programs that might interest you. More info here: Postgraduate studies.

To do a Masters in Electronics and Telecommunications, you can get more info here: Master Studies-ETTI*.

The Multimedia Technologies Masters includes two speech processing related topics: 1) Speech Coding Techniques and 2) Speech Analysis, Synthesis and Recognition.

*So far, all the current Masters programs are taught in Romanian


SINTERO Project Started (March, 2018)

SINTERO are ca obiectiv general crearea unui sistem de sinteză text-vorbire în limba română ce permite modelarea și controlul prozodiei (intonația în vorbire) într-un mod apropiat de vorbirea naturală. Alături de acest obiectiv, se urmărește crearea a cât mai multor voci sintetizate în limba română (în acest proiect minim 10 voci), astfel încât acestea să poată fi utilizate de o comunitate extinsă, inclusiv în aplicații comerciale. WEBPAGE.

SWARA Corpus Released (June, 2017)

The SWARA Corpus is a result of the SWARA Project, funded by the Romanian Ministry of Education, under the grant agreement PN-II-PT-PCCA-2013-4 No 6/2014. The corpus contains over 21 hours of high quality recordings from 17 different speakers. The data is segmented in 19,279 utterances and includes their orthographic transcripts and semi-automatic phone-level alignments. WEBPAGE.

MaRePhor Lexicon Released (June, 2017)

An Open Access Machine-Readable Phonetic Dictionary for Romanian: The dictionary consists of 72,375 words and 591,570 letters. The dictionary entries are words from the Romanian Scrabble Association's official list of words and the entries from a 15,517 words dictionary, developed according to the SpeechDat specifications. The phonetic transcriptions are in SAMPA format WEBPAGE.

ALISA Tool Released (June, 2017)

ALISA uses a two step approach for the task of aligning speech with imperfect transcripts: 1) sentence-level speech segmentation and 2) sentence-level speech and text alignment. Both processes are fully automated and require as little as 10 minutes of manually labelled speech: inter-sentence silence segments for the segmentation, and orthographic transcripts of these sentences for the aligner. The tool can be applied to any language with an alphabetic writing system and can align up to 75% of the original data with a sentence error rate of less then 8% and a word error rate of less than 1%. WEBPAGE.

MARA Corpus Released (April, 2013)

Mr. Mihai Nae from Cartea Sonora has kindly released a complete professional audiobook recording for use in speech processing research for Romanian. You can download it from here: WEBPAGE.

Congratulations to dr. Mihai ORDEAN (November, 2012)

Mihai Ordean had a successful public defense of his PhD Thesis entitled Secure Authentication using One-Time Visual Passwords. WEBPAGE.


prof. Mircea GIURGIU, PhD

Head of the group

[personal webpage]

Adriana STAN, PhD

[personal webpage]


[personal webpage]

Maria NUȚU

[personal webpage]


prof. Aurel VLAICU, PhD

Professor, Communications Department, TUC-N

prof. Rodica POTOLEA, PhD

Professor, Computer Science Department, TUC-N

Bogdan ORZA, PhD

Associate Professor, Communications Department, TUC-N


Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, TUC-N

Magdalena CHIRILĂ, PhD

Associate Professor - "Iuliu Hațieganu" University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Camelia LEMNARU, PhD

Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, TUC-N

Șerban MEZA, PhD

Assistant Professor, Communications Department, TUC-N

Past Collaborators

dr. Cristian CONȚAN

Research Fellow, PhD, Simple4All Project

dr. József DOMOKOS

Research Fellow, PhD, Simple4All Project


Research Assistant, Simple4All Project


Intern, Simple4All Project (Sep 2013 - Feb 2014)


Research Assistant, Simple4All Project (2012 - 2013)


Research Assistant, Simple4All Project (2012 - 2013)

dr. Mihai ORDEAN

PhD student (2009-2012) and Network admin


SINTERO (2018-2020)
SWARA (2014-2017)
Simple4ALL (2011-2014)
Sound2Sense (2007-2011)


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Tools, Data & Demos

Tools & Data

A Lightly Supervised Speech Segmentation and Alignment Tool

The SWARA Corpus
A Large Parallel Romanian Read Speech Dataset

The MaRePhor Lexicon
An Open Access Machine-Readable Phonetic Dictionary for Romanian

The TUNDRA Corpus
A Multilingual Corpus of Found Data for TTS Research Created with Light Supervision

The MARA Corpus
A Complete Romanian Profesionally Read Audiobook

The Romanian Speech Synthesis (RSS) Database


an online demo of 17 voices in Romanian

Expressive Romanian TTS
samples of style adaptation


Speech Processing Group

26-28 George Barițiu Street, room S2.3

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